Samsung’s Galaxy Note II is finally arriving for everyone here in the US on all major carriers. It’s been available from T-Mobile for about a month, AT&T started shipping them to customers a few weeks ago, and Verizon confirmed this morning that their Note II hits shelves tomorrow. Now that the major US carriers all have this 5.5-inch smartphone, lets take a look at Samsung’s official case.

There’s many awesome cases for smartphones, and we’ll be showing you guys more for the Note II tomorrow as you get ready to run down to a Verizon store and pickup your own. Today we wanted to share a quick hands-on video of Samsung’s own Official Flip Cover. It is special for a few reasons. It keeps the color the same, matches the back, covers and protects the front, and most importantly doesn’t add any bulk.

The Note II is 5.5-inches and we don’t want to add any more size than we have to, especially if it’s going to fit in our pants pocket. Just like the Galaxy S III, the Note II Flip Cover made by Samsung actually replaces the battery door, and attached to the new one is the Flip Cover and soft-touch microfiber protective flap. The quick video below will give you an idea of what to expect if you’ve not yet seen this neat little case.

The Galaxy Note II Flip Cover is $39 and you should be able to get it bundled with your new Note II from carriers. It’s available in Pearl White and Titanium Grey just like the device, and adds hardly any bulk. Instead of snapping on something that makes your device goofy looking and extra thick, why not enjoy a Note II cover. As I mention in the video it also adds a little layer of protection and privacy while using that large 5.5-inch screen out in public, for those worried about that kind of thing. There’s tons of awesome hard cases and more for the Note II, but this Flip Cover from Samsung is one of my favorites for it, or the Galaxy S III. Get yours from Samsung today!

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