Getting a good deal on a mobile phone from a third party retailer is not all that surprising of news at this point. Actually, it seems more often than not a smartphone can be purchased for less by using a third party. The excitement here comes for the Galaxy Note 2 having reached what we believe to be an all-time low.

The phablet is available by way of Amazon Wireless and the price is just $99.99. This price applies to both the Marble White and Titanium colors, however there is a small catch for both. Well actually, three catches. First, the handset is currently in backorder status with a note that it should ship in one to two weeks.

The second is that this price applies to new customers only. Those upgrading an existing line, or adding an additional line to a current account will have to shell out $199.99. Of course, as compared to the carrier pricing, the $199.99 price point is still a good deal. And third, this $99.99 price point is for just one carrier, the Now Network.

And in addition, those looking for a new Android device and not feeling like a handset with a 5.5-inch display — Amazon Wireless also has a good deal on the LG Optimus G. The Optimus G is currently priced at $49.99 for new customers and $149.99 for existing customers. Finally, all pricing mentioned in this post assumes a two-year agreement.

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[via AndroidPolice]