Last week at CES Samsung pulled the wraps off of their 5.3″ Galaxy Note and informed the world it was headed to AT&T. After the initial announcement we saw many comments regarding whether or not this phone-tablet hybrid smartphone would hit other carriers in the US. While nothing has been confirmed yet we are now hearing reports that it will land on Verizon, and maybe even follow the Galaxy Nexus over on the Now Network and their new 4G LTE rolling out this year.

With no announcement from Samsung or any other carriers other than AT&T we don’t have any clear details as to if we’ll see this device land elsewhere. We have however seen a few similar models appear in some Bluetooth and WiFi certification documents suggesting more models are incoming to the states. Today the Examiner is reporting a highly trusted industry analyst has confirmed that Verizon will definetaly be getting the Note — possible called the Samsung Galaxy Journal.

According to these statements the 3 major carriers that are, or will be offering 4G LTE in the USA this year will all get a variant of the 5.3″ Super AMOLED HD packing Galaxy Note device. So basically everyone but T-Mobile according to this analyst, but anything is possible. Not only is the device incoming, but it should be here within the first half of the year.

The name “Galaxy Journal” actually makes a lot of sense — I like it.

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  1. -Read in action movie announcer voice-

    “Just when you thought it was safe to decide on a rediculously cool super phone, we bring you: The Samsung Galaxy Note. Literally, the biggest thing in smart phones. Genetically engineered in a secret governmet facility, this half phone, half tablet hybrid was designed to be the perfect super-soldier, leading an army of Android handsets in the battle for smart phone dominance.”

    Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system. Carry on.

    • More announcer voice:

      “Galaxy Note II:Stylus Boogaloo!  The Note is back, and this time it’s personal…digital assistant.”

    • In all seriousness though, I think I’m still leaning towards the Nexus. No, I’m not saying the Nexus is the better device. Personally, I love everything about the note. There’s just this equation that keeps eating at me.

      Touchwiz+full pen integration layer+Samsung update reputation=ICS update Q1 2013

      I know, I know, in six months the majority of handsets will have ICS but by then, we’ll be staring down the barrel of a Jelly Bean(?) release.

      “So root and ROM.” I do. I’m currently running CM7.1 on my poor little Droid. One thing I’ve learned having a forgotten phone: It’s better to ROM because you want to than to do so because you have to.

      All that being said, if Sammy releases a statement saying they’ve optimized their layers starting with the note and will no longer have extra delays in their release schedule, I will happily run a bus full of nuns off the road on my way to get this sweet bit-o’-tech.

  2. ill wait to get my hopes up… and yet will still check online more than 2 times a day…then again as I wait for a butchered launch schedule…itll be worth it.  Please launch with ICS…I can stomach the crappy qualcom processor

  3. Well, well, 3 carriers with same fone — should have a price war and get it at reasonable $$, Naw what was I thinking, any price war will be who can charge the most.

  4. At&t is supposedly going to have the note up and running with ICS by march of this year. But my biggest questions are if they will release the phone before that time, and if release before will u be able to upgrade it to ICS or will u be stuck with a Qualcomm version…

  5. Can someone ask the Verizon Wireless and AT&T CEO’s or for that matter, Samsung CEO, why they sign exclusive rights to a cell phone?  I can tell, no consumer likes that idea.

  6. saw this in Thailand in December 2011 in stores their.
    Hands on this is a really great tool, can’t wait for Verizon
    to get it.  FAST

    • I love the Galaxy Note too… i want one so bad. Patience is key. Im sure very soon they will be releasing slicker faster better looking Tab-cells I almost sure there will be competitors four to six months. 

  7. I specifically left T-mobile at the beginning of this year and went to Verizon just to get this phone! I love my Droid Bionic but come on!

    •  That’s a big leap of faith, my friend. Are you really sure that Verizon will carry this phone? I would be first in line if Verizon would carry this baby.

  8. hurry up and get this phone before i go to at&t naw just jokin that will not happen but i would love to have this note for verizon

  9. Having superior devices is part of the service.  Verizon Wireless does not believe in offering the top notch devices as At&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile have.  I have followed on Verizon services for 6 years now, but now i want to give AT&T and Galaxy Note a try and move my business to AT&T.

  10. Why does mobile phones arrives to US 6 months after Europe?  And even when it comes, one phone carrier put a monopoly on it for up to 2 years?  Maybe it is time that consumers turn against the mobile carriers.

  11. My nexus gets hot and glichy after a hour or so.
    Same signal problems too. Why is this phone
    still being sold. WTF!!!

    • exact same problems with mine!, and the battery life last only a few hours on a full charge…wtf is exactly right!

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    • “Droid” is just a brand name. This is also an Android with Android OS. Droid is just a marketing brand name. So if you like this phone and get it then you got an Android.

      • Verizon is known to favor Motorola’s brand of Android phones called “Droids”.  I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s talking about.  Think about it, Droid 4, Droid Bionic, Droid RAZR, etc…

  13. just heard that VERIZON WILL NOT CARRY THIS PHONE from a reliable source. Verizon was just holding us with the hope for this phone for a long time by floating the rumor(galaxy journal) to keep the customers staying inside the Verizon’s fence even after 2 years of contract, while waiting for the release of i-phone 5 coming on July to August, 2012.  So… I am leaving Verizon and headed to AT&T now. So disappointing to say that I have to abandon Verizon because of “A PHONE.”

  14. My fiance works for Verizon and they will be getting the journal but dont have a release date yet coming in late spring was what i was told !

  15. I heard galaxy note 10.1″ will be coming as galaxy journal instead of 5.3″ galaxy note according to the source. It said Verizon will never launch this phone because it will diminish the number of users who are already using tablets or who would like to use tablets in the close future from verizon, which is against their profit. Anyways, Verizon thinks ppl will not move to AT&T just for this phone( which already was proven by iphone series ), so this phone is not that worthy to risk the reduced profit caused by tablet users. 

    This phone could have become a world best selling model as you see the fact that it is ranked as the best selling model ahead of I-phone 4s in Chinese, Korean and in some European markets. But its time is about to over. Even if Verizon launches this phone in June, for god’s sake, you wouldn’t buy this phone. Samsung and Apple will launch 4.8″ galaxy S3 and iphone 5 which are armored with better and higher technology levels(will be coming out on June to July ahead of Olympics). So… there is no point for waiting for this phone. This phone is already 7 months old! 

    Bottom line:
    If you want to stay with Verizon, go for i-phone 5 on July.  
    If you want to move to AT&T, go for galaxy note (or galaxy s3 after a few months.) AT&T will definitely carry S3 along with i-phone 5. Not in Verizon.

  16. If Verizon doesn’t get the Galaxy Note/Journal we will be taking our family plan elsewhere.  They know their customers need it and we’re stuck with the crap they do sell. Plus, if your getting a “Certified” replacement phone from them beware. Every one of at least 15 certified replacement phones I’ve received have glitches and apparent problems right off the bat…and where in the heck does their 4G network work. It’s a joke.Get with it Verizon before it’s too late. . 

  17. Please hurry and get a release date for the gaalaxy note. I want it SOO bad! but i dont want at&t. i want you verizon! so please huryy

  18. by the time Verizon gets the journal it will be old hat !  Cmon verizon get with it before we change carriers to AT&T

  19. Very funny that the article is all about Verizon getting it and saying TMobile won’t when in reality TMO is getting it and not Verizon or anyone else.

  20. Saw Samsung Galaxy S3 yesterday, and thank god, I am really glad that I moved to AT&T for the NOTE because S3 looks so cheap to me. 😀 Verizon, I know you don’t need to carry G-note because you have too many customers, and you don’t care about losing a little bit of numbers because of a phone. I am just so happy with my note. It simply changed my whole mobile life style. (I also have an ipad2, but now I rarely use it unless I am in my bed. Well, this doesn’t mean that I will sell it since the ipad still has its merits.)

  21. Verizon really need to start Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note…. I am about to change my carrier…. I had enoght with verizon…..

  22. can any body let me know that either in samsung note internet radio can be run or not…? i search alots but coudnt find it so far.

  23. Samsung is in a contract with AT&T for 6 months for the Note. If AT&T doesn’t continue the agreement after that 6 months then the other 2 major carriers-Verizon and Sprint-are able to go into negotiations with Samsung for the ‘Note’ or that product with a change of name. The public isn’t provided with all of the details on what the retailers know. The 3 majors cell phone companies want to provide all customers with all options possible.

  24. June 11th!!! june 11th verizon will officially be announcing the journal along with several other phones! actual release for the phone should follow within a month or so

  25. Verizon needs too get with it cuz if they don’t get this galaxy note I know I’ll be changing to AT&T I mean I been with Verizon since 2000 but if they don’t step up I’ll move on to a better product!!!!

  26. If Verizon doesn’t get this phone, I’m moving my family clear cross the continent to China so my wife, kids and I can work in whatever G-d Danny sweat shop where they will be mass producing these things. I’ll buy my 3 y/o daughter a radiation suit if necessary. I don’t give a fann! I’ve been waiting my whole life for this phone to go on sale. Verizon can kiss my butt and be exiled to North Korea for all I care!

  27. I hope they will bring the Note 2 to Verizon, but there has been NO indication or even a rumor lately about either the Note or Note 2 going to Big Red. I really want that Note 2 coming out…so after being with Verizon about 15 years, I may actually switch to AT&T, something I do not want to do. I think Verizon is keeping it away so it won’t hurt their tablet sales.

  28. Why the heck is verizon always late with new phone introduction? They should be dominating the market with. Their signal strength is by far and away the best.yet att is the same size with an inferior coverage because their marketing department is vastly superior to verizon! The Samsung note being one of many examples


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