One thing I love about Samsung phones is they aren’t extremely difficult to break into and enjoy. No hoops to jump through like Motorola, or crazy bootloader unlocks like HTC. Instead they just need a few tricky developers and members of the community and we quickly have root access, overclocking kernels and more. This is the same situation with the Galaxy Note. It is very similar to the Galaxy S II but a little enlarged, and has many of the same file systems and goods under the hood making the process fairly quick. We have ClockworkMod and root already achieved thanks to XDA developers.

Now there are more than a few ways to root the new Samsung Galaxy Note and not all have been fully tested but there are plenty of options at XDA developers. I’m going to outline two here for you. The first you flash a custom ClockworkMod with Odin, then flash the root zip and you are good to go, the second is using the revolutionary tool to achieve root. For full Clockworkmod details and downloads check out this thread at XDA thanks to Netchip. Our friends at AndroidNZ also have a video walkthrough you can see here.

Obviously this is not for the faint at heart or those that are new to modding their Android devices, especially Sasmung unless you do your homework first. I’ve read the above method via Odin works but there is currently no way to reset the flash counter — something many Samsung users rely on to still honor their warranty so use that at your own risk. I’m only here to share the knowledge that has been passed to me. Next up the same guys that brought root to the Sensation, EVO 3D and many other HTC phones using their Revolutionary tool have just updated the zergrush Revolutionary tool to support Samsung. It will fully root your Galaxy Note with a few simple clicks of the mouse. If you look through the comments in this thread, many have rooted the Galaxy Note through Revolutionary with zero problems and are still able to reset the counter.

Like mentioned above this is one of those do at your own risk situations. If you are new or unsure you’d be better off waiting for an easier and safer one-click-root method as I’m sure they are coming, and soon. If you feel like taking the journey and rooting your new and shiny Galaxy Note feel free to drop us a comment and let us know how it goes.



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