With the Samsung Galaxy Note being in the news as of late, possibly headed to the US and getting ports of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or CM9 already I figure I’d let everyone know about an awesome accessory and extended battery for the smartphone tablet hybrid. From Mugen Power we have the 4500 mAh extended battery — awesome right?

When the Galaxy Note was announced having a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor and a huge 5.3″ screen I know many were worried about battery life — myself included. Samsung assured everyone they had that covered and indeed they do. Offering the Galaxy Note with a huge 2500 mAh battery that should last all day for most users.

For those that want to watch movies, draw portraits with the S-pen stylus technology or just love using that brilliant and bright 5.3″ Super AMOLED HD display all day long we have you covered. Mugen Power is offering a massive 4500 mAh extended battery for the Note — with a replacement battery cover and built-in kickstand. Now you can watch movies on that huge screen hands-free, and it will last for more than a few hours too. It adds to the thickness obviously, but not too much if you ask me.

If you’ve not heard of Mugen Power don’t worry because we have and they are great. This isn’t some cheap knockoff claiming 4500 mAh — this battery should give you a massive boost in battery life. It does come at a pretty penny and definitely isn’t cheap. Being offered in white, black, and red for a price of $109. If you truly need that much battery life head down to the link below and get your own today — shipping in a few weeks.

Mugen 4500 mAh battery for Galaxy Note

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[via Smart Droid]


  1. Usually I don’t care that much about my phones appearance, but this battery and backing make the wonderfully slim Note look like an aerodynamic brick. No thanks, I’d rather buy a stock oem battery and universal charger.

    • Dude seriously your opinion was not needed. And where do you suppose your gonna plug this universal charger in the middle of no where huh???
      probably up your Ass right

  2. Um we need belt clips to go with these extended batteries already! How are we suppose to carry around these mammoth size phones with extended batteries and freakin belt clips huh???? I guess we can just place our phones somewhere so it can get stolen since no companies care to make any kind of carrying clips


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