If you’re one of the few people who own a Samsung Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) the long wait for the latest (well, almost latest) Google update is finally here. It seems that Samsung has finally started rolling out the Android 9.0 Pie update for users. While Android Q is almost upon us, or at least the official announcement, some devices are still only getting the Pie update now and the Galaxy Note FE is apparently one of those smartphones.

If you’re wondering if you missed a major release of a Galaxy Note device, the Galaxy Note FE was actually the sort of replacement to the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. If you recall, the latter faced a total recall because of its defective and over-heating battery. Samsung used leftover parts from the Note 7 and also unopened units and then changed the battery to a safer but smaller 3200mAh one that underwent its new 8-point battery safety test.

The Note FE was initially released in South Korea back in July 2017 and became available in selected markets. And now two years later, its owners will finally experience the Android Pie 9 that other Android users (with newer devices) have already been experiencing. Not only that, they also now have the updated Samsung One UI. The update also brings the promised monthly security patch.

The update has been spotted already in Saudi Arabia so this means in the next few days, it will roll out to other territories. You now just have to wait another couple of years for Android Q. That is if it will even receive that update.

VIA: SAM Mobile