The United States consumer market is finally going to get a crack at that quirky, edgy (pun definitely intended) phablet device Samsung put out fairly recently – the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. The device is, for all intents and purposes, a Galaxy Note 4 – all the hardware and features match up. The one difference is that curved screen on the device’s right side.

The Galaxy Note Edge boasts of a Quad HD 5.6-inch Super AMOLED display, and then that screen extension that wraps around the right edge of the device that allows the user a little bit more functionality. It has a powerful 16MP rear main camera and a 3.7MP selfie cam.


The Galaxy Note Edge will be available in two colors – Frost White and Charcoal Black – and Samsung has made sure that all the major US mobile carriers will have it available. So most people who want a Galaxy Note device will have two options available to them when they become available.

To be very clear about it, the regular Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is just as powerful and feature-laden as any productivity-centered phablet you will find out there. And not everybody will get used to the curved edge of the Galaxy Note Edge. But something tells us that this will be a good product for Samsung aimed at the techy professionals.

SOURCE: Samsung


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