Samsung is rolling out yet another update for one of its premium smartphone. The Galaxy Note 8 phablet is receiving a quick update that will improve mobile security. You see, there’s a vulnerability we know as KRACK. There’s no major report of units affected but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. With this particular update, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 receives the Secure Wi-Fi. It’s a new feature that works as a VPN service.

We first saw this feature on Galaxy J budget phones and now, the Galaxy Note 8 can have it enabled to ensure data are secured. Websites and apps can usually track your information but with the new feature, they can be disabled. Even if you browse on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks, you can safely browse as long as Secure Wi-Fi is activated.

What’s more interesting is that Samsung is offering this feature for a fee. It’s understandable since it’s a VPN service already. The company offers additional free 250MB secure Internet access aside from the paid service. Plans available are a €1.99 monthly plan and the €0.99 for 24 hours of unlimited secure browsing.

Samsung appears to have worked with McAfee but there’s no official announcement regarding this subject. Get the update and enable the feature immediately. Select the apps you want to use Secure Wi-Fi with manually. The feature can protect data automatically as long as the Secure Wi-Fo feature is enabled on the device. If not automatically, you can always press the Protect button so it can start encrypting the device whenever you need to.