We’re just a couple of weeks away from the official unveiling of the much anticipated (for better or worse) Samsung Galaxy Note 8. But of course, we in the industry know that the closer the release date, the more intense the rumors and leaks become. This is the first phablet that the OEM is releasing since the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, so it’s even more of interest for most. The latest leaked images show a more detailed look at the Note and of course, its star feature, the S Pen.

From the four images leaked, we don’t really learn anything new about the Galaxy Note 8, but they do confirm some of the rumored details that we’ve heard the past few weeks. Obviously, the strongest rumor is that this will be the first Samsung phone that will have a dual rear camera, a feature that several flagships are already carrying and so they have to catch up. The front of the phone shows off the Infinity Display that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are sporting, although the Note 8 looks to have a slightly bigger panel.

We also see a leaked photo of the S Pen, the thing that separates the Note line from the initial flagship releases. It looks to be the same than the S Pens from previous phablets, but it will probably have a few changes and additions that aren’t obvious through a leaked picture. It’s no secret that a lot of eyeballs will be on this new device, trying to see if this will be the official “redemption” of Samsung after the previous Note failed to catch fire figuratively, and unfortunately, literally for some.

The announcement of the Galaxy Note 8 will be on August 23. It is expected to go on sale by September 15, at least in the US and its native South Korea.

SOURCE: My Everyday Tech