As we’ve always said, the days leading up to the official announcement of any major tech product is always dark and full of terrors, or rather, leaks and rumors. All the more with a device that has been touted as the “redemption” of any big company. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 official announcement is on August 23, so expect a frenzy leading up to it. The latest is the leak of the color choices for the phablet as well as some supposed wallpapers that will be featured in the device.

Earlier, the gold variant of the Galaxy Note 8 was already leaked but now we see other color options that may or may not be available as well: Midnight Black, Arctic Silver, Orchid Gray/Violet, Coral Blue, Dark Blue, Deep Sea Blue, and Pink. The leaked image only shows the back so the front will either match the color just like with the Galaxy S7 flagships or it may be just black, just like with the current flagship, the Galaxy S8 duo.

It will also probably have the Infinity Display so the front panel color shouldn’t really matter. But again based on the image, it looks like the S Pen will match the color of the back panel. While some probably loved the classic look of a black S Pen, those who like more variety in colors will like the idea of a violet or pink stylus. The leaked wallpapers look like pretty but standard stuff. If you want to download them, click here.

Of course nothing is confirmed at this point but we only have to wait a few more days as the announcement will be on August 23. It is expected to go on sale in the US and South Korea by September 15.

VIA: GSM Arena


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