All signs seemed to have been pointing towards a Mobile World Congress reveal for the Galaxy Note 8.0. In fact, that bit was said to have been confirmed by a Samsung executive. But on that note, new details are suggesting the tablet may be unveiled a bit ahead of MWC.

Or more specifically, that the tablet may actually be available for purchase before the show. Keep in mind though, these details have yet to be confirmed and should be considered nothing more than rumor at this point. What we have seen is coming by way of retail product listings and could be nothing more than placeholder dates. These listings are showing the Galaxy Note 8.0 with an availability date of February 19. Yes, the same day that we expect HTC to announce the M7.

In addition to the possible availability date, these same retailers are also showing a price. The listings are coming out of Austria and the pricing is shown as being between €450 to €480 for the 16GB model. On the larger side, the 32GB model is shown with price points ranging from €490 on the low-end and €550 on the high-end.

Aside from the rumored release date and price points, the specs are staying the same. Those include an 8.0-inch (1280 x 800) display, quad-core 1.6GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera, 5 megapixel rear-facing camera, 4600 mAh battery and Jelly Bean. While time will tell just how accurate these latest rumors will be, one thing seems certain — an 8-inch Galaxy Note tablet will soon be announced.

[via Mobile Geeks]