We’re curious to know how Samsung will make the Galaxy Note 7 better than last year’s Galaxy Note 5 and the most recent Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. We’re expecting some boost in battery since the phablet is expected to do more processing than the regular smartphone. We’ve heard of a number of rumors already but nothing yet on battery size.

Now we’ve got information that the device might have a bigger 3600mAh battery. That’s better than the Galaxy S7’s 3000mAh batt. It’s still non-removable and we don’t think Samsung will change that anytime soon. So far, we know the Galaxy Note 7 will be equipped with a 5.7-inch display, QHD screen, Snapdragon processor, and 6GB RAM just like the OnePlus 3. If true, this will be the South Korean tech giant’s first 6GB RAM Note device.

We’re also interested about the all-new S Pen and if there will still be the flat variant. We’ve heard earlier that there might not be one but the leaked logos tell us otherwise. We’re almost certain about the iris scanner and Samsung was even documented filing patents for iris recognition.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 seems to be a powerhouse with the specs and features we know but the rumored 3600mAh battery seems to be a little bit underwhelming. However, there’s some information that it can last over 20 hours.

The Note 7 is said to offer 20.5 hours of video playback in full brightness already. This means the phone can last you the whole day at least since video playback that long is taxing for the phone’s performance, how much more eight hours–the average amount you’re at work or in school.

We’re assuming Samsung is doing some improvement on battery management especially with the new TouchWiz Grace UI and Android Marshmallow. We’ll see if our speculations will turn out to be true before end of Summer.

VIA: Mobile Review