Aside from the much-hyped iris scanner and the improved S Pen, one of the things that can be highlighted about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is its Gorilla Glass 5 protection. It’s actually the first mainstream device that is using the technology from Corning to protect not just the AMOLED display but also the panel at the back. A YouTuber decided to test out the phablet if it will survive repeated drops. Spoiler alert: yes, apparently it does.

The YouTube user XeeTechCare, who apparently also has some disposable cash to be able to risk testing out a new device like this, decided to test Samsung at its word and drop the Galaxy Note 5 repeatedly from a height of five feet and onto a hard surface. Well, at least three times as we can see from the video. And as we mentioned, the phablet did indeed survive the drop, still functioning even after the 3rd drop.

Screenshot 2016-08-17 11.24.41

There are some scratches and cracks on the back panel, but as long as it still works properly after all those drops, we’ll take it. Well, not the one that he dropped repeatedly, but a new Galaxy Note 7 we mean. And there is plenty of other things to be drawn to the Galaxy Note 7, which some say is the current best Android form in the market. Having something that survives being constantly dropped is an added bonus.

Screenshot 2016-08-17 11.30.25

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will officially go on sale this August 19 although you can already pre-order it with most carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. No news yet on the official, non-contract SRP.