As if three rumored Samsung devices in the same day weren’t enough, we’re now hearing of a fourth device that’s reportedly in the works at Samsung towers. With the Galaxy Note II currently selling like hotcakes, Samsung apparently feels it’s time to introduce the Galaxy Note 7 to the world. Yes, Samsung might be planning a 7-inch Galaxy Note – something we’ve heard before, but today there might be even more evidence to back such a claim up.

NenaMark 2 results for the Samsung GT-N5100 are currently making the rounds, which some believe to be a seven inch tablet in the Galaxy Note line. Indeed, what little we know about the hardware indicates that it’s similar to other devices in the line. It comes equipped with a 1.6GHz CPU and ARM Mali 400 graphics, the latter of which suggests the CPU is a Samsung Exynos 4412. If that’s true, then this bad boy should be using the same CPU setup as the Galaxy Note II.

We can also see from the NenaMark results that this device is displaying at a resolution of 1280×720, which obviously means 720p HD. Top that off with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, and we’ve got a device worthy of some attention. Now all we need is for Samsung to announce the thing and we’ll be all set.

With the Galaxy Note II sporting a 5.5-inch screen, it isn’t too big of a jump to think that Samsung will look to tackle the 7-inch tablet space next. The company did some really wonderful things with the Galaxy Note II, so we’re really excited to see what it can do with a 7-inch tablet featuring the flagship Galaxy branding. Stay tuned, as it probably won’t be long before we hear more about this long-rumored Note tablet.

[via NotebookItalia]


  1. I would be far more excited if this wasn’t using a year old SoC by now. With the Nexus 10’s Cortex A15 now available, and what is sure to be a Cortex A15 in the next Galaxy S, I would expect no less from a modern tablet.

    • The big problem with 7.7 is its entering ipad mini space. A 7 inch tab is still pocketable but that extra little bit surprisingly makes it much more difficult to pocket.

  2. If Samsung can sell it around the same price as the Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7 I think it would definitely be the better one to buy since a Note 7 would have the same specs, plus the added benefits of an sd-card slot and s-pen.


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