And the first Samsung smartphone to get the Marshmallow update in the US is….drumroll please…the Galaxy Note 5, specifically the variant from Verizon. Well, at least, what the carrier is saying is that it is the first Galaxy device to get the latest Android 6.0 update. And in fact, it’s not just getting 6.0 but actually Android 6.0.1. So if you own a Note 5 from Verizon, then rejoice as you’re finally getting the update everyone’s been waiting for.

Once you’ve received a notification that the software update is ready for you, make sure you have a stable connection, enough space on your device, and your battery should probably be full so as to avoid interruptions. When the update is finished, you will now be able to enjoy various features that you’ve read about, including Now On Tap bringing you easier access to information wherever you are on your phone. You also get the Doze feature which puts your phone to sleep when it senses you’re not using it.

The software update also now lets you make calls over WiFi if you’re an HD Voice user. Just activate Advanced Calling and then turn on WiFi calling and presto, you can save on your call allocation if you’re connected to WiFi anyway. There are also improvements in its Live Broadcast feature, like the ability to send invites to people not on your phonebook yet and to create a shortcut on your home screen for easy access to Live Broadcast.

There are also some UI tweaks and for some reason, the removal of the Amazon Appstore. The rollout for Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow begins March 4.

SOURCE: Verizon