DisplayMate’s Color Accuracy Shoot-Out has a couple of premises – first, that users have been used to mediocre color accuracy since day one, and secondly, that manufacturers do not calibrate their devices for display color accuracy from the factory. This results in devices not being equal in terms of color accuracy. So DisplayMate is on a mission to pick out which devices has the best “Absolute Color Accuracy” – and it turns out the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the winner.

DisplayMate’s test is based on a number of elements – including the Full Color Gamut accuracy, Skin Tone Color accuracy, Organic Color accuracy, Blue Region Color accuracy, and White Point Color accuracy. More details about the test at the source link below. The shoot-out does not include all smartphones and tablets – that’s impossible to do. It only tests the ones that have reputations of great displays to begin with – so for this shoot-out they tested the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (2013), Apple iPad Air 2, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Basic Screen Mode), and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (Basic Screen Mode).


Taking all this into account, DisplayMate declares the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as the clear winner, topping all but one of the elements of the test. The Apple units were very poor in other tests but ran second and third in the very important Skin Tone accuracy and Organic Color accuracy. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 did very well, tied for overall second place with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5.


So what does this prove? Oh nothing much, just that Samsung really has the display element of their devices down pat. Seriously though, the other manufacturers better pay attention to this. DisplayMate’s objective is to raise enough awareness so that all devices strive for “Perfect Color Accuracy” using factory calibration with standard instrumentation. Not a bad idea, actually.

SOURCE: DisplayMate