Even if the Galaxy S5 Prime turns out to be a dud, Samsung‘s next S-Pen phablet hopefully won’t. The upcoming Galaxy Note 4 is now believed to sport a 2K resolution display fitted into a 5.7-inch screen.

This info about the display is interesting on two grounds. First is that, of course, it will have a QHD display. That’s a resolution of at least 2560×1440 pixels, the very same that the LG G3 and the Galaxy S5 Prime are said to be contending for. But the most interesting part is the size of the screen, which remains at 5.7 inches. That is the same size as the Galaxy Note 3 and would thus go somewhat against Samsung’s trend of increasing screen sizes per generation. Not that it’s a bad thing, since we’ll end up with a screen with a higher pixel density and a relatively more handy size.

Not much else is known about the Galaxy Note 4. There is still some uncertainty whether it will be running on a Samsung Exynos hexa-core, which might be a downgrade from the usual octa-core, or a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801. Chances are, it could be both, depending on the market, region, and features. Speaking of market differences, the model number listed in this leak for the Galaxy Note 4 is a G910, with the last digit left for identifying the processor or carrier variant.

Even if the Galaxy Note 4 did come with a QHD screen, it might be following behind the LG G3, depending on when Samsung announces the device. It usually unveils a new Galaxy Note phablet during the third quarter of the year, which would be a few months later than the G3’s May reveal.



  1. Along with the LG G3, this SGN4 makes me excited. A 5.7-inch screen is excellent IMO. I don’t want anything bigger since it becomes un-handy. The resolution should be super though I doubt with our eyes, we can discern any noticeable differences. Give us more S-pen apps if possible.

    • +1
      5.7″ is perfect. The device will be bigger than note 3 because of IP67 water&dust certificate. So they must stick with the same screen size

      • Agree. To me, 5.5 to 5.7 is the right size of a big phone. I don’t believe they should get bigger. Having a SGN3 now makes me believe that I cannot ever go back to anything smaller. Even looking at the iPhone of my colleagues makes me smile or laugh sometimes, no offense intended of course. Everyone has different tastes, right? I perfectly respect that.

      • I agree. Note has the perfect size ever and yes,, I cannot go back either. I’m stuck with it.

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