Samsung has just been reported to have started the roll out of an update that addresses issues with third-party accessories for the Galaxy Note 3 that appeared after upgrading to Android 4.4. This was after the manufacturer flip-flopped on placing the blame on those unofficial accessories.

The Android 4.4 update that arrived on the Galaxy Note 3 was a bittersweet gift for some users. Along with the improvements and new features that the latest Android version brought, users discovered that third-party accessories, particularly unofficial S-View cases, suddenly stopped working like they used to.

At first, Samsung’s official reaction was to blame it on third-party accessory makers. After all, it was a perfect opportunity to advertise how its own official accessories work perfectly. There were even rumors that the Korean manufacturer was purposely doing this in order to advertise and increase the sales of its accessories. Nevertheless, a few days later, Samsung, while not really issuing a mea culpa, announced that it has discovered the software issue underlying the compatibility problem and will soon be issuing a software update.

That update now arrives almost a month later, at least for users in Poland and Russia where the update was spotted, bearing the build number N9005XXUENB3. Interestingly, this update also supposedly fixes another reported issue where apps could not write to external SD card storage. It is still unconfirmed whether this is related to the new restrictive external storage policy in Android 4.4 that has recently been unearthed.

VIA: SamMobile