Samsung is expected to release a Galaxy Note 3 Lite soon, with many pundits hoping for a Q1 2014 release. With the belief that we’ll see it at MWC — where we saw the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear come to light — new details have leaked out that note one important spec for the new variant to Samsung’s largest phone. If you’re expecting to be wowed, it’s probably best to go ahead and dial it back a bit.

SamMobile got hold of a User Agent Profile for the SM-N750, which is a non LTE version of the Note 3 Lite. As it’s hard to think they’d produce different specs for an LTE version, we’ll go ahead and consider these simply the working specs for the Note 3 Lite. Perhaps the most easily dismissed of the specs is Android 4.3, which the device is currently running. By the time of launch, we’re expecting to see Android 4.4 and a (hopefully updated) TouchWiz.

The real let-down here is the screen, which could be 720p (line of code: <prf:BrowserScreenSize>1280×720</prf:BrowserScreenSize>). For something the size of a Note, 720p is pretty pixelated. A reduced pixel density is not going to make this one a go-to for media consumption, so those who like watching TV and movies on their phone will probably want to keep a safe distance here.

From that, we can probably expect this one to dial back the other specs similarly. The Note 3 Lite will probably have 1.5 GB RAM, and 16GB Memory. The camera could see degradation as well, but that’s not something we’d expect to see. The processor is another place Samsung could cut back, offering up the Snapdragon 600 or similar. Though the Note 3 Lite is the first time Samsung is offering their largest device in a pared-down way, the screen almost immediately keeps us away. A 720p display at 5.7-inches is just not going to be pretty.