It looks like Samsung is getting ready to offer a Developer Edition Galaxy Note 3 with Verizon Wireless compatibility. The handset was initially discovered by xda user oneandroidnut when he visited the Samsung support pages to register his non-Developer Edition Note 3. And well, a little further digging on the Samsung site revealed the teaser page, which simply lists the handset as coming soon.

This seems pretty standard from Samsung. They list the handset as coming soon and keep the pricing quiet. Of course, based on previous history, we would expect it to arrive with a price point of $699.99. While this certainly will not be a device for the mass audience, this could be one for those looking to do a bit of playing around.


One of the perks of a Developer Edition handset is the ability to easily unlock the bootloader. And as many realize, that is the start of playing around. The listing is for the handset in black and otherwise, with specs that match the regular carrier branded version of the Galaxy Note 3.

Aside from what appears to be an upcoming Developer Edition launch, we have been watching the carrier branded models appearing. The most recent was Verizon Wireless who shifted from pre-orders to general availability earlier in the week. In addition, the Note 3 (along with the Galaxy Gear) has recently arrived with US Cellular, AT&T and T-Mobile.

SOURCE: Samsung