Samsung is proudly displaying its laurels, pointing to the fact that it has just reached what it considers an important milestone: that of getting 10 million Galaxy Note 3 sold off to users. To some extent, this is quite an achievement for a single device model, considering how many Samsung throws out every year.

In truth, it is not that surprising to learn that the Galaxy Note 3 would sell so well. After all, despite not being the titular smartphone flagship of the company, it does bear the so far highest hardware specs in Samsung’s line and could stand head to head with other company’s flagships. And, of course, it has that S Pen. You can read up in our review why we think the device is quite a solid option in today’s market, especially when paired with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

To celebrate the occasion, Samsung has released an infographic showing its 10 million seller club, smartphones and feature phones that have reached that goal since 2002. Unsurprisingly, this hall of fame includes each and every Galaxy S flagship the company has ever put out, as well as all three Galaxy Note generations.


That said, the Galaxy Note 3 is definitely not faultless. For one, despite the faux leather back cover, it shares the plastic-rich identity of its siblings. Samsung is also notorious for its bloatware, beginning with its custom TouchWiz interface. Although that is also the basis of the S Pen’s popularity. The question now, which is also signified in the infographic, is what will Samsung’s next hit device be and whether the rumored Galaxy S 5 will be able to offering something different and refreshing to hit that 10 million mark as well.

Download: 10 Million Seller Club (1000×2644 JPG image)
SOURCE: Samsung (1), (2)