Yesterday we brought news that Samsung was planning to introduce and launch a limited edition Galaxy Note 3 next month employing their YOUM flexible display technology. While we can’t be certain of the name, a few more reports have surfaced this afternoon reportedly confirming the news, and it could end up being released as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active.

We originally heard rumors of flexible displays long before Samsung announced their new smartphone last month, but as we all know that never happened. Instead we got the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Well, another source from the Asian Daily claims a Samsung spokesman confirmed the device will arrive next month.

We know Samsung and LG both have been working vigorously on a flexible or “unbreakable” display for smartphones, and it appears that Samsung might actually make it to market first. If the report is accurate Samsung will have a limited edition Note 3 next month using their new bendable display technology. It won’t be fully unbreakable, but surely a screen that can bend and flex can handle a lot more abuse than today’s measures.

Following Samsung’s recent trend of releasing a flagship followed by a mini, and with the Galaxy S4 an Active, it’s likely we’ll see the same here. A waterproof and flexible display packing Note 3. Having a large 5.68-inch display that can handle more abuse than most will certain put this device in a good position to compete. Hopefully Samsung can keep up with demand.

Of course, nothing is official until we see it from Samsung themselves. So in the meantime get ready to pickup that Note 3 early next month from your carrier of choice, or wait for the Active version that’s tipped to be coming soon.