The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the South Korean tech giant’s latest premium flagship phone offering. It has arrived with the regular Galaxy Note 20, as well as, the Galaxy Z Fold 2. There is no comprehensive review by our team yet but we’ve seen and heard a number of good things already. The phone comes with an innovative display technology that may be commercialized soon. The Samsung Wireless DeX demo video showed us how easy casting or streaming from a phone to a bigger display will be.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series delivers professional-grade camera features. The device is all about productivity, as well as, high-end imaging. Definitely, the phone is a flagship offering with all the premium specs and features.

The phone also boasts 5G connectivity but Samsung knows not all markets have access to the ultra-fast mobile Internet yet. An LTE model is ready with a slightly lower price. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra LTE model will be sold. Even the non-Ultra variant will be ready with LTE only.

The LTE models will still be high-specced but the Ultra will only be available with 8GB of RAM. That’s very decent but for a $1,299 device, it may be disappointing for some people since the older Galaxy Note 10+ has 12GB of RAM with an even lower price of $949.99.

If you look at the specs and functions, the basic Galaxy Note 20 Ultra may be nothing over the previous model. Its selling point is the more advanced camera system. Samsung definitely has thought about the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra but the real test is once we get a hold of one and use it in everyday life.


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