Samsung, in an effort to add more product to the already dizzying aray of variety on hand within their portfolio, is supposedly hard at work on a new 12.2 inch Note Tablet. Could this be the oft-rumored but never seen 11.6 inch tablet they’ve been working on, albeit in le grande size?

With Toshiba currently selling a 13.3 inch tablet, it would only make sense for Samsung to want to get into the game of selling a foot long themselves. And so they will, with the inclusion of a new Galaxy Note 12.2 inch tablet, with an eye popping 2560×1600 resolution screen. Plus, word is (for all you design gurus out there) it’ll come with an S-Pen stylus, unlike Toshiba’s offering.

Bets are on as to how much price will be, but we suspect it’ll slightly undercut the next iPad’s price, which will be its leading competitor. Samsung is likely positioning itself for a release before the new iPad, which should give it an edge, and with a projected lower price point, it should remain in the lead for at least a short while.

With that in mind, rumors of projected sales goals are at least 12 million in the first quarter. It’ll be most interesting to see if Samsung can achieve those targets, and how it is they plan to market the new tablet in a continuously expanding competitor landscape, that is, if it ever comes to light at all.

SOURCE: etnews