The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the new king. Specifically, we’re talking about the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G variant with its rear quad-camera setup. The smartphone has been reviewed by DxOMark over the weekend and we’ve got interesting details. The device has scored a total average of 113, beating the Huawei P30 Pro score by one point. It’s also the new Selfie King with a high score of 99, beating the Asus ZenFone 6 also by a point. And more good news: the premium Galaxy flagship phablet has achieved a record-setting display performance as per DisplayMate.

The new premium Galaxy device has been anticipated and expected to make an impression. Just by detailing the specs, we’ve earlier surmised it will be the latest flagships like the Huawei P30 Pro and its sibling, the Galaxy S10 5G. True enough, the DxOMark has reported the Note 10+ 5G model delivers the best camera performance today.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G combines a number of excellent camera features from the colors to exposure to details and bokeh. After a series of tests, the phone is described as offering fast, accurate, and repeatable autofocus. It allows accurate target exposures both outdoors and indoors with a wide dynamic range. Noise is well-controlled while bokeh is pleasant with good blur gradient and nice spotlight. In most conditions, color is pleasant and vivid. You may notice high details in flash shots.

The phone isn’t perfect as you may notice some aliasing, ringing, and loss of localized detail. Fine details are lost when captured in long-range zoom shots. Bokeh shots sometimes produce failed depth estimation. Dark areas in indoor and outdoor shots show occasional noise. You may also see some white balance casts and oversaturated color.

When it comes to video recording, you will notice good detail and well-managed noise in both outdoor and indoor videos. Exposure with a wide dynamic range is generally good. Colors are vivid and bright while autofocus is also accurate, fast, and repeatable. Effective stabilization is also a feature. Not so good things: exposure instabilities when tracking. You will also notice pinkish color cast, loss of texture, and coarse noise in low light videos.

The 10MP selfie camera offers accurate target exposure and wide dynamic range, wide focus range, pleasant bokeh effect with good detail, good white balance in bright light/under indoor conditions, and good exposure on faces when shooting with flash. Sadly, there also out-of-focus images plus loss of fine detail and desaturated skin tones in low light. Selfie videos are impressive, thanks to efficient video stabilization, accurate exposure of faces in most conditions, and very good detail and noise well under control in bright light and under indoor conditions. There may be some exposure instabilities and stepping, luminance and chroma noise, and occasional white balance casts in low light.

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ OLED Display Technology Shoot-Out was done with a series of lab tests and measures. In summary, the phone features the best and highest performance display in smartphones in the market today. From the Galaxy Note 9, there’s improved performance of 25% brightness increase and a record peak brightness of 1,308 nits.

DisplayMate gives the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ the “Best Smartphone Display Award” and Display Performance Grade of A+. The phone has beaten some 13 old Smartphone Display Performance Records.


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