It appears that everyone that can get on the Galaxy Nexus train is doing so as fast as possible. We’ve seen plenty of carriers announce plans for the next hero phone from Google and just this morning outlined O2, Bell, and Virgin Mobile all getting the Galaxy Nexus. Now Rogers has tweeted they will be bringing the device to market soon, and reservations or pre-orders start tomorrow. Yup that is November 15th.

You can get up to the minute updates by following @RogersBuzz and while you’re at it make sure to follow us at @Androids. We all know absolutely everything we can about the Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich so I wont mention the specs (do I even need too), instead here is the tweet in case you’re wondering what they had to say.

Now with Rogers, O2, Bell Canada, Virgin Mobile, and plenty of UK carriers all announcing some sort of details where in the world is Verizon? I wonder if they can “hear me now” when I say I’d really like the Gnex already. Either way this is good news that it’s coming and soon because so many other carriers are all on board. The list keeps growing and I’m hoping a T-Mobile version is in the works too. With the Android 4.0 source code just released today, the phone shouldn’t be far behind.

Galaxy Nexus Hands-on

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[via @RogersBuzz]