For our readers in Canada, you’ll be happy to know the Galaxy Nexus is coming to mobile carrier WIND February 3rd. That’s just 3 days away, and you can finally get your hands on some Android 4.0! Prices for the device vary depending on what program you decide on.

The WINDtab+ program will be the cheapest way to score a Galaxy Nexus, costing $249.99. The specifics for it are here. The normal WINDtab program will set you back $499.99, and then you could always buy the phone without any strings attached for $599.99. They also offer an extremely affordable Unlimited Everything plan for just $40/mo – perfect for your new Galaxy Nexus.

At the bottom of their advertisement, it states “they’ll be gone before you know it”. They could just want to get you in the door, or their Galaxy Nexus stock could be low – analyze it however you would like. Those that have been anxiously waiting for Google’s flagship device to hit the carrier will probably be there day of release anyways!

[via AndroidPolice]