Google’s Nexus series is bound for a refresh soon, and rumors have already been churning. The Optimus Nexus is just one rumored device that may be the next phone in the Nexus lineup, but there’s also the Galaxy Nexus 2 by Samsung. Alleged image samples from the Galaxy Nexus 2 camera have supposedly been leaked.

A couple of images that have been uploaded to Picasa have some interesting information in the EXIF data. A device named GT-i9260 shows up under “Model”. For anyone familiar with how Samsung codenames their devices, the Galaxy Nexus has the codename GT-i9250, which could easily mean that GT-i9260 is the immediate successor to the Galaxy Nexus.

The photos are nothing to write home about since they don’t really show off the camera’s abilities, but it does say a lot about where the Galaxy Nexus 2 is in the manufacturing process. The photos confirm that a successor to the Galaxy Nexus is at least real. Whether or not its a finished product or just a prototype, though, is a mystery.

Recent rumors have pegged the Galaxy Nexus 2 to get upgrades across the board with an improved camera, a bigger battery, double the RAM (2GB), and a faster processor that will either be dual- or quad-core. However, it’s said that the rumored phone will stick with the same 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED display as the Galaxy Nexus.

[via SlashGear]