Say hello to the smallest Samsung Galaxy Player ever. Previously known internationally as the Samsung Pebble, today Samsung has listed up for sale the newly renamed Pebble as the Galaxy Muse media player for the USA. What makes the Muse special is the way in which it pairs nicely with multiple Samsung Galaxy devices for easily listening or transferring of music.

The Galaxy Muse media player is like an iPad Nano if we have to explain it that way. The difference here is Samsung’s made this neat little accessory nicely pair with all their smartphones. You can add songs right to the device from your Galaxy S III, Note II or many others all without a PC, then leave your phone behind as you head to the gym.

The Galaxy Muse is a small pebble sized media players that is offered in Blue or White, and comes with the same lightweight design as the Galaxy S III. There’s a large metal clip on back for safe attachment for those that jog, or mountain bikers like myself, and as you can see up top it has the usual music player navigation buttons for easy controls.

You can easily transfer music using the recently released Muse music app from the Google Play Store. It looks like Samsung is offering up this neat little Galaxy accessory for just $49.99. You have 4GB of storage included so options are a bit limited with space, but easily transferring to and from with just a smartphone makes this a breeze. Get one today from the link below.

[via Samsung]