Today we’re seeing multiple reports again that the Samsung Galaxy Note III has leaked, and we’re even getting live images of the rumored smartphone tablet hybrid. We’re sorry to bring you bad news, but this is not the Samsung Galaxy Note III, which is expected to be revealed in August of this year at IFA. Instead, it’s the recently announced Samsung Galaxy MEGA 6.3-inch device. Don’t believe the rumors.

The rumors have been running wild regarding what we are expecting to see from Samsung with the Galaxy Note III. Obviously there’s plenty of ‘rumored specs’ you can assume based on previous trends. Each year it has increased the screen size, trimmed the bezel, and got a boost in specs and the latest version of Android. We’re expecting the same with the Note III, and probably a similar design too.

Samsung could go crazy and do an aluminum device (not plastic) like we’ve heard, but that’s doubtful. It’ll likely look like a bigger Galaxy S 4. Rumors suggest a 5.99-inch display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 (we’re thinking maybe Samsung’s Octa-core) and a 13 megapixel camera with OIS, and tons of other impressive features. What you see above isn’t it though, that’s the Galaxy Mega as you can clearly see below.


The Galaxy MEGA has a massive 6.3-inch display, and mediocre specs to go along with it. It’s only a dual-core and doesn’t even have an HD screen. It’s qHD, not a flagship device. And while the image at the top of the page could be what the Note III may look like, most of our sources are saying not to believe the leaks, and we’re only seeing images of the MEGA.

So for now we’ll continue looking for more details on the Note III, which should actually start leaking soon enough. For now you can learn more on recent reports, and the Galaxy Mega possibly hitting AT&T with 4G LTE from the links below.