This isn’t the first time we have heard about Android handsets coming available for use by employees in the Pentagon, however it looks like the Department of Defense is just about ready to issue an approval. The catch here comes in with which devices will receive the approval. Right now, it is looking like those will include Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Or more specifically, Samsung Galaxy smartphones that are running the Knox security software.

As for the requirement of the Knox software, this is said to conform with the Pentagon’s Security Technology Implementation Guide, which would allow for things to include the sending and receiving of internal emails. The official go ahead has yet to be granted though, as of now The Wall Street Journal is reporting the Department of Defense approval is “expected in coming weeks.” Basically, it is looking like Samsung Galaxy handsets will soon be competing in a world where the BlackBerry is still one of the top players.

Aside from Pentagon employees having a bit more freedom when it comes to choosing a device to use, this could also mean good things for Samsung. Not only would they be placing themselves in another market, but this Department of Defense approval could eventually lead to a shift in decision from other security minded customers.

Otherwise, in addition to the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, an approval is also expected for the iPhone and iPad. These two devices would need to be running the latest version of iOS. Unlike Samsung devices and the approval for sending and receiving internal emails, it looks like the iOS approval will be limited to nonclassified communications such as email and web browsing.

[via Wall Street Journal]