Well, whether you all liked it or not, Samsung and MetroPCS are at it again with Episode 2 of the G-Connection with Snoop Dogg & Warren G video. For all the information on how this got started, and a in-depth look at the all-star cast feel free to check out the first video here. My favorite part of the entire video is that Ted Williams, the man with the “Golden Voice” is back on stage doing what he loves. If somehow you missed that, here’s the original Golden Voice clip.

If you look close throughout the video. There is 4G everywhere, or in this case G G G G. With Mr. Snoop DoGGGG tearing it up with his pimp skillz. You have to laugh where it says Job: Multi-taskin’. I can just see Snoop DoGGGG saying that, taskin’. When it comes down to it, all things aside if you just can’t handle this video, in the end she chooses 4G. Isn’t that what we all want, some 4G LTE speed pimp love on our amazing Android phone. I’d have to say yes.

The Samsung Galaxy Indulge, the worlds first commercially available 4G LTE Android smartphone.

[via YouTube]