It was just announced in Europe today, that the Samsung Galaxy I5510 will be available for purchase in November. This QWERTY keyboard slider, featuring Android 2.2 and TouchWiz 3.0, will cost the consumer 389 Euros. But for that price tag, the device offers a 667 MHz processor and 160 MB of internal memory. However, if that isn’t impressive enough for consumers, additional features include a 3.2″ touch-screen and 3.0 megapixel camera.

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Other notable features of the Samsung Galaxy I5510 include up-to-date Android software, Wi-Fi with DNL support, FM tuning, and DivX playback, for starters. This phone, by price comparison, has a lot of features that even the most tech-savy people will be sure to enjoy. And even though Sprint appears to have a strong interest in the Windows Phone 7, they have taken a big step towards showing support (and peaked interest) for Android software with this phone.

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