While we still don’t have all the details for the release date and pricing information about the Samsung Galaxy Home, their first venture into the smart speaker market, it looks like we’re getting some information about where it will be released. Sources are saying that it will be available initially in the US, South Korea, and China. That news is really not that surprising and they were probably the first three markets that we initially thought of that will get the new device first.

The US, South Korea, and China were the first three countries that received Bixby Voice support so it’s only natural that they will be the first to have access to the Bixby-powered Galaxy Home speaker. While Samsung’s own digital voice assistant may be a bit behind the Alexas and the Google Assistants of this world, it’s trying to make up for lost time by releasing constant updates. And soon, it will be able to compete on better footing with this smart speaker.

India was another early Bixby country, but given the expected price range of the Galaxy Home, it’s probably not included in the list of countries where it will be available first. While it is indeed a huge market, most consumers prefer mid-range or entry-level devices so Samsung may have thought twice about releasing what will probably be a high-end one.

The Korean OEM still hasn’t given us a price range for the smart speaker but initial announcements indicate it will be a Premium device. We can’t expect it to be priced the same as their more affordable competitors like Google Home and Amazon Echo (well, some of the models are affordable). Instead, it looks like they will go up against the more premium Apple HomePod.

Samsung still has not announced an exact release date for the Galaxy Home and when you go to the official site, it still says “Coming Soon”. Hopefully that soon is within 2018 since they can’t afford to miss out on the holiday buying season.

VIA: SAM Mobile