The Galaxy S5 isn’t on sale yet, but Samsung is already at work trying to sweeten its deal. As before, anyone purchasing Samsung top devices get some freebies, but this time Samsung is throwing in a lot more.

Samsung started bundling time-limited services with every purchase of some of its devices, particularly those on the S and Note lines. It might not be a huge deal clincher for many, since no one probably buys these smartphones, or any other for that matter, solely based on whether you’ll get a year’s worth of free subscriptions. That said, the gifts, as Samsung calls them, do add a nice touch and emphasize a bit how these services have practically become part of the mobile life today.

Previous premium rewards that Samsung offered revolved around productivity and “serious” work, ranging from a one-year Evernote subscription to cloud storage from Bitcasa to industry news from Bloomberg Businessweek. With the rising interest in health-oriented mobile devices and services, Samsung is now throwing in a few more goodies along those lines, such as a year-long subscription with Run Keeper and Lark, or 6 months from Skimble and Map My Fitness. For fun, Samsung is gifting $10 of in-game credits for the popular Cut the Rope finger-swiping game.

All in all, according to Samsung’s calculations, you will be getting $469 worth of services, most lasting to a year. If you’ve already fallen for the Galaxy S5 when it was announced last week, then these gifts will be a very sweet icing on the cake that is set to launch in April 11.

SOURCE: Samsung