Samsung has let out an early holiday present for owners of its Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Thanks to an update that slowly hitting devices, owners will be able to soon be able to read Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter right on their wrist but in a limited way.

Despite the hype and speculation that surrounded the Galaxy Gear’s unveiling, the smartwatch fell a bit short of expectations. Not only was there a very limited number of supported smartphones at launch, a problem that has fortunately already been addressed, the device itself offered limited functionality. True, one can always sideload apps or even a different launcher, but native features that are truly customized for the device’s limited screen size and resolution will always be a better option.

Luckily for Galaxy Gear owners, Samsung has expanded its functionality by just a bit. The update brings a new notification setting that will call your attention when a new email or social network activity arrives. Users will then be able to view the message but only part of it, probably just enough to help you decide whether to reach for your phone to read the whole shebang.


The update also makes other tweaks to the smartwatch, such as improved Smart Relay and gestures. The Samsung Galaxy Gear update seems to be going out quite slowly in staggered rollouts so do not panic or be surprised if you don’t get yours yet.

VIA: PocketLint