The Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready. We’ve lost count of how many times we said it but the Samsung foldable phone is expected to be relaunched anytime soon. We’re not saying any day now but soon. And as to when exactly, only the South Korean tech giant knows. The company is said to have redesigned the smartphone after two months of development. A tech executive admitted the situation was embarrassing and so everyone is expecting things to be fixed finally.

We’re not looking at the Samsung Galaxy Fold version that folds outwards yet. We just want to see and get our hands on the original but improved model. We’re also hoping to see the foldable device just in time for the holidays without any bugs and issues.

Samsung is believed to be in the final stages of the fix. There is no official relaunch date as Samsung wants to ensure everything is working perfectly. Displays breaking are not usual but it’s different when they are flexible.

The company has re-engineered the hinge. The protective film has been stretched as well so users won’t think of peeling them off. When the phone opens, the film will be stretched for more protection. People who have tested the re-designed Galaxy Fold said the tension is harder but more natural.

Samsung will ship the Galaxy Fold this second half of the year. Of course, that’s already a given since we’re already on H2. Mass production may also begin soon in Vietnam. Cross your fingers it can be ready in time for the August 7 launch but we don’t think it’s possible.

Launching both the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Samsung Galaxy Fold may not be wise for the company since they are both premium flagship models. Let’s just wait and see for Samsung’s next steps.


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