The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the South Korean tech giant’s next-gen foldable phone. It used to be known as the Galaxy Fold 2 but we learned recently it will be known as the Galaxy Z Flip instead. Much has been said about the device but we know more information or images will be leaked until the official announcement is made on February 11 at the Unpacked 2020 event. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is said to come with a better screen and a 3300mAh battery. It was even rumored to arrive with a double-fold design.

Of course, things are taken with a grain of salt until the grand reveal by the number one mobile OEM. The latest bit we have is about a patent that shows a mysterious Galaxy Flip phone with a transparent cover. This could be another Galaxy Z model or could be an addition to the first Galaxy Z Flip smartphone.

Samsung is said to have filed for a patent for a Flip smartphone with a transparent cover. It doesn’t appear to be just an ordinary phone case because it supports touch input. The cover actually works as the front screen.

The Galaxy Flip Z could be an affordable Galaxy Fold although we have no information about the pricing. If it is affordable, then it could attract more buyers. It could also appeal to the younger generation or even those who lived to see and use the Motorola RAZR in the past.

This Galaxy Z clamshell phone is expected to rival the new-gen Motorola RAZR. Unlike the original Galaxy Fold that folds horizontally, this one folds vertically similar to the Moto RAZR foldable phone. It appears smaller so it’s more portable.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip offers the consumers an option between a phone and a tablet. It can be used as an ordinary smartphone and when you need a bigger screen like a tablet, take advantage of the elongated display. The clamshell phone may have a large 6.7-inch flexible screen. When folded or closed, there is a small screen in front. It’s really small so it may only show little info like maybe date, time, notifications, and battery info.

As for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2, the phone may still be a clamshell phone but with a dual camera and a fold in the upper part resulting in a bigger lower screen when unfolded. The transparent cover is there to cover the uncovered part of the phone. The cover is actually translucent and can support the S-Pen stylus.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 may also arrive with a fingerprint sensor found under the flexible display. The idea is that your fingerprint can also be “read” from the small display.