We had been seeing chatter about the Galaxy Exhibit coming available with T-Mobile and as of today, it looks like the carrier has made it all official. The Samsung Galaxy Exhibit has launched as the latest budget-friendly T-Mobile smartphone. The handset certainly doesn’t have what we would consider high-end specs, but it is launching with Jelly Bean and perhaps more important — with a low price point.

Diving right in with the pricing, those considering a purchase will need only $19.99 for the downpayment. From that point you will have 24 monthly payments of $9. Of course, those $9 monthly payments come in addition to the pricing of your monthly service. Otherwise, those looking to avoid the monthly payments can opt to pay full retail up front, which happens to be $235.99.

Shifting over to the specs and we are seeing a device with a 4-inch display, dual-core 1GHz processor, microSD card slot, 1 megapixel front-facing camera and a 5 megapixel rear-facing camera. The handset is running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and offers support for T-Mobile services to include Visual Voicemail, WiFi Calling and T-Mobile TV. There is also support for the T-Mobile 4G network.

All said and done, while the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit is certainly not the most exciting handset in the T-Mobile lineup at the moment, it does provide a nice option for those shopping on a budget. And while it may not be the fastest or have the highest-resolution display, it should be more than enough for average day to day use. If nothing else, it will allow the user to make calls, send messages and stay connected over social media.

Touching on the plans for a moment, remember, T-Mobile now has the Simple Choice setup. This basically means you are starting with an unlimited talk, text and data account for $50 per month. In addition, that $50 price point also includes 500MB of high-speed data per month. Plus, there is an option for those looking for more high-speed data. In that case, there is a 2GB add-on for $10 per month and an unlimited add-on for $20 per month.

SOURCE: T-Mobile