Today we’re learning that Samsung’s cool little Galaxy Camera will be arriving at AT&T before long. Specifically speaking, the Galaxy Camera will be available at AT&T starting on November 16, and it will come with a price tag of $499. Our friends at SlashGear point out that the Galaxy Camera’s price is the same whether you buy it on-contract or not.

Of course, if you sign up for a contract, you’ll be able to hop on AT&T’s 4G network with your Galaxy Camera, which comes running Android 4.1. Since you’re already connected to the Internet, you can upload your photos to all of your favorite social networking sites right from your camera – no need to connect it to your PC and dump the photos you want to upload first. We’re thinking that will prove to be a very handy feature indeed.

In the market for a phone too? You’re in luck, because AT&T is running a promotion that will save you $100 off the sticker price of any Samsung connected device when you purchase a Samsung Galaxy phone. That includes the Samsung Galaxy Camera, so if you were to purchase something like the Samsung Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II from AT&T, you could potentially shave $100 off the price of the Galaxy Camera.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera comes with a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor, along with a 4.8-inch LCD screen on the back. You’ll be using Samsung’s TouchWiz interface with the Galaxy Camera, and you’ll have access to the Google Play Store as well. All in all, it doesn’t sound like too bad a device – now it all needs to do is actually get here so we can start enjoying it.

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