Were you smitten with the low/mid-range Galaxy Ace Plus the moment Samsung showed it off, with a complete lack of pricing or availability? Then prepare to be thrilled, assuming you live in the United Kingdom: the phone will be available at retail starting tomorrow, March 17th. Though Samsung said that the Galaxy Ace Plus would be available at various locations including Vodafone, they were carefully silent on the matter of pricing. Given the price of the former Ace model, something in the  £300-350 range seems likely.

The Ace Plus is a little smaller and weaker in the specs department than the original Galaxy S, but not quite as diminutive as the Galaxy Mini or Mini 2. In Samsung’s continuing quest to saturate absolutely every screen size imaginable, they’ve equipped the Galaxy Ace Plus with a 3.65-inch LCD screen with a 480×320 resolution. A 1Ghz single-core processor is paired to 512MB of RAM and 3GB of on-board  storage, plus however much you add via the MicroSD card slot. The rear camera is a respectable 5 megapixels, while the front camera is indeterminate, but definitely there.

The familiar combination of Gingerbread topped with TouchWiz is present, and no, you probably shouldn’t hold out for an Ice Cream Sandwich update. There’s nothing here that stands out in the very crowded field of Android smartphones, but then someone’s got to fill out the niches in the market. Samsung seems hell-bent on finding every single one (at least oversees) and who are we to stop them? The Galaxy Ace Plus will work on all UK networks, and supports HSPA+ speeds.