“A90, perfect”. With those two words, reliable tipster IceUniverse got Samsung fans talking. What he apparently meant was that the upcoming Galaxy A90 will have a perfect screen because there is no notch and no hole, unlike what a lot of OEMs are doing now. Instead, what we’ll get is a the first pop-up front camera phone from the Korean OEM. This is also probably part of their plan to test out new features on mid-rangers before bringing it to flagship devices if it turns out to be a hit.

This isn’t the first pop-up camera module that we’ve seen. Vivo introduced one that pops out only if you need it while the Oppo Find X has a slide-up mechanism for both the front and rear cameras and when you need to unlock your device using Face ID. We have no idea at this point if the Galaxy A90 will adapt either of the two, but what Ice Universe knows is that it will be for the front camera at least.

Having no notches or holes on the display means Samsung is fulfilling its promise of an Infinity Display with minimal bezels. Aside from this latest rumor, we’ve also previously heard that this top model from the Galaxy A series will have 128GB of internal storage and color options of silver, black, and gold. Other than that, we’ll have to wait for more rumors and maybe even leaks to get a clearer picture.

All eyes will now be on the imminent announcement of the Galaxy S10 and what innovation it will bring to smartphones (if any). But don’t count out Samsung’s mid-tier devices of course, since as they have previously stated, they plan to bring more innovations to this line. If they do have the pop-up camera, it will be interesting to see how they will be able to make it durable or if they will even make it that since mid-tier devices are more “replaceable” rather than flagships which last longer.

VIA: SAM Mobile, Trending Leaks