When Samsung launched its Galaxy A8s in China, their first device to sport the Infinity-O display, we still had no idea whether this will be available in other markets as well. However, if we are to look at a new FCC listing that appeared, we may be seeing the smartphone launch in its native South Korea and hopefully, maybe even in other countries beyond Asia. This is something that Samsung fans may look forward to, with its camera hole and no headphone port kind of display.

The Galaxy A8s is the first in the Galaxy A series from Samsung to have an LCD screen, not to mention the Infinity-O display which is part of their new Infinity Display styles. At first glance, it looks like any other mid-ranger from Samsung, except that you have a camera hole cutout in the upper left of your display. There is also no headphone jack so if you prefer your 3.5mm kind of listening device, then this should be disappointing.

But if those two features are something you’re interested in, then the new FCC listing for model SM-G887N should be important. The base model for the Galaxy A8s is SM-G887 and normally, when you add a letter at the end, it’s an indication of where this variant will be released as well as what kind of chipset it will carry.

For example, F means it will be released in markets like India, Germany, France, UK, and the greater European market and it will have the Exynos chipset. The W is usually for Canada and the U and U1 are for the US, and both usually have the Snapdragon chipset. As for N, you guessed it right. It’s usually reserved for their home country so we might be seeing the Galaxy A8s launch in South Korea soon.

There hasn’t been any of the other letters spotted in the FCC listing, but we’re still hoping that this device will launch in other markets so we can better see what that Infinity-O display actually looks like in real life.

VIA: XDA Developers