Samsung Galaxy A8s cutout display

Samsung hasn’t really ventured into the notched design category and we don’t think it will. There have been rumors one device may have a notch but we doubt the South Korean tech giant will go through with it especially now we know about the Infinity-O display panel. The company is believed to be introducing the Galaxy A8s. It will boast an Infinity screen with a cutout or hole for the camera. Instead of a notch, the mid-range Galaxy will feature a bezel-less display with almost zero chin and forehead.

The camera is hidden behind the display but shows through the hole in the screen. This is what Huawei has also been working on as we mentioned a while ago.

SamsungMobile.News shared some information over on Twitter—saying the “cutout of Galaxy A8s front camera is 6.7mm big‏”. The Galaxy S10 will have something smaller by “2 to 3mm but still bigger than 3mm”.

Earlier, we noted Huawei would be competing with the Samsung Galaxy A8s with a hole-screen smartphone by releasing the phone ahead. We’re looking forward to discovering what the top Chinese OEM has in store for the mobile industry.

As for Samsung, the Galaxy A8s will be unveiled this December. We’ll see the cutout for the front-facing camera. The 6.7mm size may be large for now but that’s fine because it’s just the first. It will be revolutionary because it’s notch-less and bezel-less.