Samsung Galaxy A73 Concept Image

The Samsung Galaxy A series remains. We’ve been anticipating for the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G as some images and specs were already leaked ahead of launch. We also remember the Galaxy A03s introduced in India with impressive display and massive battery. In the coming weeks, we expect to see the Galaxy A73. The next mid-range Android device from the South Korean tech giant will still come with almost premium specs. It will still be relatively affordable and maybe even more before the company will use a different supplier.

The Samsung Galaxy A73 will be next. It may be out next year with a few important changes. One could be on the display panel. Samsung is said to use Chinese OLED panels beginning with the Galaxy A73. Instead of screens from Samsung Display, another supplier will be used.

This decision is to keep the prices lower while upgrading other components. Samsung may be tapping BOE and CSOT to supply panels for the upcoming Galaxy A73. This could mean savings for Samsung or it could place more orders than usual. The more supplies, the more units can be manufactured. And the more phones produced, the more sales–at least, for the Galaxy A series.

CSOT already supplies for Samsung. It has provided batteries and OLED panels for Samsung for the Galaxy M series phones. As for the Galaxy A73, it may be the first Galaxy A phone to use a different brand of display. Let’s wait and see.