It’s no secret that Samsung is doing some major changes in the mobile business although there isn’t any big announcement lately. The public is always anticipating for new smartphones that people don’t notice if some marketing strategies are changing. The Samsung Galaxy S series seems to have remained the same but for the mid-range tier, the South Korean tech giant is said to be focusing on just the Galaxy A series. The idea isn’t foreign to us because we already noted last year that the Galaxy A and Galaxy M would remain and that the Galaxy J series would be out soon.

This means the only mid-range phones we’ll see from Samsung are those from the Galaxy A and Galaxy M series. No more new Galaxy J phones.

Samsung has the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note for the premium category. In the low-end to mid-range market, the South Korean tech giant has a lot of offers. There are too many to choose from in the past few months alone since we’re being introduced to a lot of Galaxy A phones.

The Galaxy J currently captures the low budget market especially in India, some parts of Europe, and Latin America. These are affordable phones but looks like Samsung will focus on a few models from now on.

Samsung Galaxy J phones are older but it’s been replaced by the Galaxy M models. The latter is new while the Galaxy A series has been improved. The company has formally made the announcement that it’s discontinuing the Galaxy J series through Samsung Malaysia.

Galaxy A could be mean affordable or attractive. That’s what Samsung wants us to believe and we’re not contesting that. The company knows what to do since it’s implementing its almost premium specs, features, and design on some affordable models. The key is to make those non-expensive smartphones look, well…premium.

Samsung will introduce more Galaxy A phones this week. We’ll look for more clues on how the company plans on selling the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy A, and Galaxy M.

VIA: XDA Developers