We are still about 28 days or so from 2016 but already, OEMs are announcing their upcoming new devices slated to be launched early next year. Samsung is no exception, and they just launched a whole new bunch, three to be exact, of smartphones for their Galaxy A line. Expect the improved versions of the Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, and Galaxy A7 to hit the market this December in China, and then afterwards, the other global markets.

The major difference among the three devices is of course their screen sizes. The Galaxy A7 is the largest with a 5.5-inch display, while the Galaxy A3 is of course the smallest at 4.7 inches. Somewhere in between is the middle child, the Galaxy A5 with the 5.2-inch display. All three have noticeably narrower bezels but still maintain the premium looking design that combines metal and glass materials.

Both the Galaxy A5 and A7 now support the mobile payment service Samsung Pay, the OEMs answer to Apple Pay and Android Pay. Of course with it comes fingerprint sensors to verify and protect your device and account. All three members of the Galaxy A family also now have Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) so as to avoid image blurring even in dark conditions. Both the front and rear cameras are outfitted with F1.9 lens. You will be able to launch your smartphone’s camera by double clicking the home button.

Samsung didn’t reveal the pricing yet, but sources are saying that the Galaxy A3 will be €329 while the Galaxy A5 will be at €399. The expectation for the Galaxy A7 would be at €469, based on the differentiation of the two. They are slightly more expensive than the original ones but still reasonably priced. These are European prices however and may vary from market to market.

SOURCE: Samsung
VIA: SAM Mobile