Podcasts have become pretty ubiquitous with just about any topic available out there and most devices and platforms offering up a way to listen to your favorites. Samsung Free, formerly Samsung Daily, now has an in-app podcast player so you can access podcasts in the same place where you get your news and other free content. They have also partnered with one of the most popular podcast platforms, Liberated Syndication, to provide podcasts to this new section on the Listen tab.

While there’s no shortage of podcast apps available in the market, if you don’t want to install another app and you’re already using Samsung Free, then this should be helpful for you. And with podcasts becoming even more popular than before, having access to the thousands of podcasts in LibSyn’s platform is a good way to consume audio content. This is actually the first time that Samsung offered a pre-installed podcast app on its devices.

If you’ve not yet tried out Samsung Free, swipe right on the homescreen of your device to launch it. At first you’ll see three tabs: Watch, Play, and Read. Watch is where you get free video content from Samsung TV Plus. Read is for access to the news, while Play is for apps. But with the latest update of Samsung Free, you’ll also get a new tab called Listen where you’ll be able to access the podcasts from the LibSyn network.

Podcasters that are hosting their content on LibSyn can add their shows to Samsung Free on a limited basis at launch. Because the hosting platform has more than 75,000 podcasters, expect that you will have a lot of content to choose from. This is aside from all the content that’s already available on the Free app so even though a lot of us are still in lockdown, there’s still a lot you can do on your smartphone.

The Listen tab will show up after the Samsung Free update but only if you are using any of the following devices: Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note20, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10 series. It’s also only available in the U.S and we don’t know yet if they plan on expanding to other countries later on.