SAMSUNG Galaxy A8 Star Fake Ads

We’re certain this isn’t the first and only incident of fake photos being used in promotion and marketing but we expect more from Samsung. The industry still hasn’t forgotten the fake Huawei Nova 3i ad as exposed by the model and now this–Samsung faking a smartphone’s Portrait Mode image. According to a post on DIY Photography (, the South Korean tech giant used a DSLR photo for one of its photos. We believe it’s not just one but several images.

This isn’t the first time Samsung was also reported to be faking photos. It was once discovered stock photos were being used to market a phone. A pro photographer, Dunja Djudjic, discovered the situation mainly because her photo was used.

Djudjic has some of her photos on Getty Images through EyeEm. The photographer was surprised to receive a notification that she sold a photo–her first on EyeEm! She had no idea who purchased the picture so she did a reverse image search after a few days have passed.

She then discovered Samsung was using it as images were related to the Galaxy A8 Star. Her photo was obviously edited. Of course, she knew it’s her–no one else but her–not a twin nor an impostor. Just her.

The photographer then asked EyeEm to confirm if it was Samsung who paid for the image but a support agent only said the sale wasn’t registered on EyeEm, or at least, not yet. She also inquired from Getty Images but no reply was given up to this day. She tried contacting Samsung via Facebook but only received generic responses.

We’re curious to hear from Samsung. And frankly, we’re getting tired of these big companies showing us fake photos. It is expected they use their own products. If they can’t, maybe make sure they know how to keep a secret. It’s embarrassing.

VIA: DIYPhotography