Samsung foldable and slidable display prototype

Samsung will continue to take advantage of the popularity of the foldable phones. Right now, only the South Korean tech giant is doing well in the market with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3. There are now several generations available since 2019. We believe more will be developed and introduced. We can probably see more devices with flexible displays in different designs. At the CES 2022, Samsung showcased several foldable prototypes in different styles.

Samsung showed off z-fold and tri-fold tablets, a laptop-like device, and a smart speaker with a flexible display. They are simply prototypes and only give us ideas on what to expect in the future. We’re not saying Samsung will produce any design shown off, at least, not yet. Samsung will take cues from these prototypes and implement different technologies one by one.

Samsung flexible display products may be available for the business market as a new target. The foldable laptop-like display is a potential product offering with its flexibility. The idea is the laptop can be transformed to a bigger monitor. The Samsung Flex Note prototype boasts a 17.3-inch flexible OLED panel. When folded, it turns into a 13-inch laptop.

Samsung also has a 12.4-inch smart speaker prototype. It’s a cylindrical model that has a flexible display wrapped around the body. Its an AI-powered speaker that can also transform into a larger display. You can say this is a smart speaker-slash-smart display.

There is also the Samsung Slidable. It’s mainly a smartphone with a sliding side panel. Slide a portion from the side if you can a bigger display.

Note that all these are mainly prototypes. They are concepts and may not see the light of day–officially. Samsung just wants to show the public that the possibilities are endless.


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